Useful Member Tools (SCVOAD)


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Useful Member Tools (NVOAD)

Managing Spontaneous Volunteers (990k PDF)
The NVOAD Volunteer Management Committee is proud to present this brochure for the use of those tasked with managing unaffiliated volunteers. This publication includes the principles and concepts of operations surrounding a successful program of utilizing unaffiliated volunteer relief workers during a community's response to a disaster event.

Design for Success
This document emerged from NVOAD's long range plan as a tool for defining progress toward the goals of building a stronger VOAD movement

When Disaster Strikes...
This free flier on Donated Goods and Volunteers is an important tool when disasters strike.  May be freely distributed. 2/00

Cuándo Ocurre Un Desastre,
Se Necesitan Donativos y Voluntarios... COMO USTED PUEDE AYUDAR